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2013 News Archives

02/19/13 Fire Nearly Destroys Ellwood City Home

Date and Time:  2/19/2013    Location:
622 Wayne Avenue
Ellwood City, Pennsylvania
Lawrence County
02/19/13  Ellwood City Firemen were called to a structure fire at 622 Wayne Ave. shortly after 10 am. A neighbor smelled smoke and tried to enter the basement apartment where he believed the tennant might still be. Billowing smoke prevented him from entering and a 911 call was placed to report the fire. An Ellwood City Policeman also attempted to enter the house to look for victims. After firemen arrived, they found a gas leak in the basement and had to retreat to a defensive mode until Columbia Gas technicians turned off the gas supply to the house. Soon afterwards, it was determined that the basement tennant was away at the time of the fire and no one else was in the house. Fire departments from Lawrence, Beaver and Butler Counties fought the fire for several hours. The state fire marshal was called to investigate the fire.

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